Best Sleeper Sofas For Small Spaces

The demand for sleeper sofas are increasing as being a component of homes with limited space. The rise of apartments these days makes it a very practical sofa to display inside the home where it can serve as a sofa during the day and pull out to become a bed for you or your guests at night.


Some people opt to live in small size residences as a result of fiscal reasons. Others just choose to reside independently on their own so they usually do not require a greater space. Whether you've got a house or an apartment, most folks tend to prioritize the important rooms usually leaving their small space to possess a guest room. Using a sleeper sofa, any space is prepared to accommodate overnight guests to sleep over.

The minimalist design of sleeper sofas make them easy to move, either within the home or from one location to another; rather than needing movers (or a few strong friends) to carefully maneuver the massive beast upstairs and through narrow doorways.

The sofas in a home can be equated to a sky full of stars. They make our homes a small heaven worth living, welcoming and complete.

However, nowadays it is complicated for people to choose between a daybed and a sleep sofa.

Those folks who have larger rooms can choose to go for both but for those living in a small house with small rooms like me ought to go for sleeper sofa.

These not only save space but they can serve as beds for overnight guests. This eliminates the need for a guest room.

The popularity of sleeper sofa is increasing day in day out. This basically is because they serve two functions in one. During the day you can choose to relax and at night it can be a very cozy bed.

Sleeper Sofas Are Known For The Following

(A) Comfort

Sleeper sofas are comfortable than a bed. Some designs like Ashley Alayna is very comfortable due to its springy mattress.

When you relax on it you will find it very luxurious and you might choose making it your primary bed.

(B) Saves money

Sleeper sofas can act like a bed therefore this implies that once you have it you have a two in one piece of furniture which all together is ideal for small spaces.

In addition to this you will be saving your money instead of buying a stand alone bed.  You get to save the money meant for it.

(C) Saves space

This is among the primary advantages of sleeper sofas. Those lads residing in apartments and have a challenge with space will find saving space as a reason to love having one.

You will have maximized the little space to accommodate your quests in any point in time.

(D) Diversity

Sleeper sofas are diversified according to their brands, design, sizes, shape and material used.

Mostly they are fabricated to ensure its durability. There are many companies who provides them and if you are not sure where to acquire one for yourself than view our list below of the best sleeper sofas for small spaces all found on Amazon.

7 Best Sleeper Sofas You Can Actually Buy On Amazon Today!

Alenya Sleeper Sofa: The Best Sleeper Sofa in the Market

The Alenya Sleeper Sofa is a crisp, clean, and classic addition to your small space. It is available in two neutral colors so it will blend in well with the other items in your home. More specifically, you can find it in charcoal or quartz. Selecting charcoal is a particularly good idea if you have a white, pink, blue, or black theme in your room. Quartz is such a neutral color that it can work flawlessly with any other color.

The dimensions of the sofa, the material used to make it and the quality of the stitching matter as well. This twin sleeper sofa has a height of 38.5 inches, a length of 84 inches, and a depth of 37.5 inches. That makes it ideal for small rooms since large sofas are usually 96 inches long and 40 inches deep. It is worth noting that the Alenya Sleeper Sofa has a high back, which is ideal for small spaces as opposed to a low one.

The manufacturers made the upholstery with polyester and nylon. Polyester is an ideal material for the sofa because it does not wear or shrink easily. It is resistant to wrinkles as well. Therefore, your Alenya Sleeper Sofa looks good all the time as long as you keep it clean. The tailoring is perfect as well, so the stitching appears elegant and fit for a well-designed room. Another point worth noting is that the one-side toss pillows that come with it are 55% linen and 45% viscose.

The Alenya Sleeper Sofa has two decorative pillows as well in addition to a bi-fold full-size mattress. The queen-sized bed has a depth of 72 inches making it fit for the average person. This average person has a height of 69.7 inches so he would fit well in this full sized mattress. Get this stylish solution for your overnight guests. It is worth every penny that you pay for it.

This is a modern sofa that you can even use to host overnight guests. The sleeper sofa has been made using durable and soft materials to enhance comfort. It can be compared with a full size mattress because even your guests can sleep comfortably. The Segovia Sofa is also easy to clean so your apartment will remain looking presentable at all times. Furthermore, the sofa comes in different colors to provide you with choices to choose from. 

You can readily customize the Fat June sofa the way you want since there are even options to add more components when you get more space. You can readily turn the sofa into a queen sized mattress and enjoy the benefits of sleeping on a full sized bed. This twin sleeper is just like a full size mattress and you will enjoy the same comfort as when sleeping in a comfortable bed. You will be able to use the sofa the way you want depending on your needs. The fact that the sofa is affordable further makes it ideal since you do not have to spend a lot of money. Therefore, when you want to enjoy optimum comfort at an affordable price in your rental home or apartment you can trust the Fat June Segovia Sofa.

As an apartment renter, you want to use your small space efficiently. Nevertheless, you still require somewhere comfortable for your overnight guests to snooze. The Larkinhurst Sleeper sofa is a convenient, comfortable and stylish sofa bed which will make over your living space at a small cost. 

It’s hard not to fall in love with the Larkinhurst sleeper sofa. This design from Ashley Furniture provides a picture-perfect classic appearance thanks to its round arms and turned feet. The couch is designed with a corner-blocked frame, and its feet exposed finished with faux wood gloss. The fabric, which is made from 5% polyurethane and 95% polyester mimics weathered leather, offering it a rustic look. It is relatively durable, and its brown color should handle dirt reasonably well. The sofa bed’s upholstery, which also features a corded trim, thick poly fiber and ornamental nail heads added to these features makes it an exceptional match for a house with classic home décor. 

The full-sized sleeper sofa is a versatile design with firm cushions featuring ultra-supportive, pocketed coils. To add, the concealed full-size mattress boasts an easy-lift mechanism which makes it pull out effortlessly. Your overnight guests are in for a treat from the innerspring queen-size mattress seating on a sturdy steel frame. The sofa bed’s foam cushions are highly resilient, makes it durable and supportive, while still being cozy enough for daily lounging. 

The Larkinhurst sleeper sofa is the ideal choice for small spaces. The twin sleeper measures 89” x 39” x 38” and has a 20” seat height. Similarly, the queen-sized mattress measures 60” x 72” x 4.25”. Generally, this sleeper sofa measures under 7.5 feet which makes it ideal for most apartments. You will also love to know that it arrives already assembled and should fit through doorways that are wider than 32". 

Go ahead and purchase with confidence. Ashley Furniture is a renowned source for quality furniture. Plus, the sofa bed is an excellent addition to your living space, introducing functionality, and class, coupled with modern convenience.

Over the years, the minimalist movement has gained popularity. We are seeing smaller living spaces and people looking to scale down. Apartment living has always been very common as well. Along with this comes the need for appliances and furniture that fits in a smaller space. The Zinus Classic Upholstered 71 Inch Sofa is a perfect solution for those looking to keep style and comfort in a small space in their home. The sofa is available in a variety of colors such as soft grey and a grey-hued green. 

Zinus sofas are the ideal choice for a variety of reasons. The sofa is shipped smartly and in one box. This allows for easy transporting. Also, everything you need to assemble the sofa comes with it. That's right, no tools are required. It assembles easily in under 20 minutes with the help of another person, possible a friend or a neighbor. The instructions that come with it, unlike with most products you have to assemble yourself, are clear and easy to understand. Once assembled, the sofa measures 70.9 inches long with classic flared arms. This is not a futon, nor is it a love-seat. This is an actual sofa designed with the small space in mind, so no need to compromise with this product. 

While the sofa is soft and snugly with its multiple layers of cushioning, it is also supportive. The sofa has a sturdy wooden frame that is wrapped in a supportive foam cushioning. The fabric used for the Zinus Classic are designed to be stress free. They are durable and easy to clean, ensuring they will last for years to come. Because the manufacturer has confidence in their product, every Zinus sofa also comes with a one-year guarantee. 

It is Prime eligible which means you get free shipping. Because it is sold directly by Amazon, it is also covered by the websites guarantees and is eligible for financing with one of Amazon’s store cards or credit card options.

Every keen reader and gamer appreciates the value of comfort while they are battling hard through a level. The Merax Pu Leather Foldable Leisure Sofa Bed is a gaming sofa that has been designed for an ergonomic seating with utmost comfort. You can easily relax on this lazy sofa bed with pillows and the sofa has been designed to have an adjustable backrest.

It is used as a chair, lounge, bed, or chaise bed for sleeping and reading. Very comfortable, you will often find yourself asleep on this comfortable sofa and this makes it a favorite choice for many. The sofa bed comes with a 5 position backrest which is easily convertible from sofa to bed condition and no matter your preferences for the moment, you are able to easily adjust the backrest to suit your needs. 

Whether you need the sofa bed for relaxation or play, this is the furniture that will provide you with the right balance of style and also comfort. When you simply want to hang out playing a game or get some sleep in the night, this sofa bed will be quite useful and ergonomic enough to support all your posture requirements.

For small spaces applications, the sofa bed is the ideal choice as it can be slimmed down or folded to fit the tiniest spaces in a room hence conserving on space without sacrificing comfort.

The pillows that are available in addition to the sofa are rather comfortable and luxurious which means that you will not strain as you go about activities such as gaming or reading. It is also useful to note that this sofa bed has been designed to make a gamers life as comfortable as possible and when it has been fitted in a location, you will feel its comfort and appreciate its value for a long time.

Are you receiving guests and friends to spend the night in your home? You might not have as much guest rooms as may be required to accommodate your guests. Sleeper sofas will help solve this challenge especially if you don't have much space in your house. They are not only stylish and fashionable but also comfortable for sleeping. Their unique design makes them comfortable for sleeping. 

Among the best sleeping sofas is the DHP Metro Split Futon with Storage Pocket. It has an amazing design that makes a room look more luxurious. It can be used in homes and offices to relax, sit and also hosting overnight guests due to its unique design. Below are some of its features that have made it more popular: 

1. It has storage pockets attached to its arms. These pockets are to store books and small electronics such as smartphones and tablets after falling asleep. This feature is unique and allows a person to do some reading and chatting before falling asleep. Unlike in other sleeping sofas, you will have a secure place to store your phone. 

2. It has a full-size mattress that is comfortable for sleeping. 

3. It allows for back split positioning. This feature makes it more comfortable as you are able to position the back to an angle that best suits you. 

4. It quickly converts from a sofa to a sleeper and vice versa with fewer efforts. 

5. It has back legs that provide additional support while in a sleeping mode and hides the futons while in a sitting mode. 

6. The back and base of the futons are upholstered and it can, therefore, stand-alone at the center of your room or any other location.

7. It comes in different colors allowing you to choose the best color that matches with other home decors.

Living in small spaces has its set of challenges but if you are keen enough on arrangements, you will still get the most use out of the available space. Furniture that is designed for such spaces tends to be comfortable and fits into the available space without a fuss or struggle.

DHP Futon beds are unique and functional pieces of furniture which brings a cool atmosphere and feel to your home. They give your living space a modern look and are designed with chrome metal legs which are sturdy to support your weight.

In terms of getting set up, the DHP Emily Futon Couch bed stretches out over the little space you might have in your home and the cushions are attached to the frame for that sleek, neat appearance. The couch is also used for multiple purposes such as sleeping and plain lounging and easily converts from one form to the other to ease your transition from work to play and even rest. 

The futons are practical in their build and stylish enough to fit small space living. They are made from top quality materials and does not sacrifice comfort but still manages to align itself with the hottest trends.

They are also available in various shapes and colors so you will be sure to obtain one that fits your style. Try one today for your living space and get enough rest and relaxation space to lounge in after a hectic or tiring day at work.

The couch bed can easily fit two sitting occupants and in case you happen to receive a visitor. You and your guest will be at ease on a comfortable seat which has a strong enough base to support the both of you. The leisurely, comfortable build also implies that you'll rarely feel tired or fatigued as a result of sitting or lounging on this couch.