Hamilton Beach: Renters Best Alternative to Outdoor Grills

Many years ago, charcoal and gas grills were the popular ways to grill foods.

Yes, they had their fair share of success, but electric grills have become a better alternative.

Especially if you live in rental apartments that do not allow smoke-emitting grills.

These grills are specially designed for convenience and come outfitted with advanced electronic controls to provide you with restaurant-quality results while duplicating the flavor of the charcoal grilled meat.

Are you contemplating buying a suitable electric grill for all your indoor barbecue get-together?

Then you should consider Hamilton Beach electric smokeless indoor grills, more specifically the Hamilton Beach 25361 model.

It features a compact size, simple electronic controls, removable grids, and indicator lights to enhance your grilling experience.

Quality Construction

Hamilton indoor grills are well known for their stylish designs, and this model delivers nothing short of that.

It features a sleek, compact design and it's constructed from stainless steel for durability.

Also, you need not worry about this unit taking up a large amount of your kitchen space since it only measures 12 x 16 x 6 inches.

It has a cooking area measuring approximately 15 x 10 thus making it ideal for indoor usage.

You will also fancy its light-weight design which makes it easy to carry around and to clean.

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Hamilton Beach 25361 is engineered to provide quality services to guarantee you money back services.

Indeed, it’s hard to duplicate the wood smoke grilled flavor infused in meat cooked with an outdoor charcoal grill.

But if there is an electric grill that best suits as a suitable alternative, it’s this model. It provides a unique taste closest to charcoal grills.

This model provides a decent temperature of up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit which is sufficient for most foods.

This temperature is suitable for maintaining your meat tender and juicy.

However, it’s worth noting that your food will take a bit longer to cook.

To fasten the cooking process, you are advised to consider preheating the grill before placing foods on it.

The temperature controls featured by this unit are quite useful and easy to use.

With the temperature control knob, you can set just the right temperature to cook any type of food.

It also contains red and blue indicator lights that will notify you when the grill is heating up.

Easy to Clean

One intriguing aspect of the Hamilton Beach 25361 is the nonstick plates.

This superior coating prevents foods from sticking to the plate thus making it easy to clean.

Furthermore, it preserves the flavor and juices of whatever you are cooking.

This model also features a removable lid that is also easy to clean.

Essentially, only the lid, drip tray, and grill plate are dishwasher safe, but you can alternatively hand wash them with soapy water without much hassle.

Hamilton Beach 25361 Pros:

•  Produces no smoke with controlled temperatures

•  Removable parts that are easy to clean

•  Reasonably compact and lightweight

•  Provides unique taste that can closely compare to outdoor grills

Hamilton Beach 25361 Cons:

•  Has a relatively short cord


Hamilton Beach 25361 electric grill undoubtedly provides higher performance when compared to other electric grills falling within its price range.

It contains all the desirable attributes of an ideal grill: easy to use, flexibility, durability and preserves the flavor of your foods.

This Hamilton Beach electric smokeless indoor grill is the best alternative to charcoal grills, and it will guarantee you money back services.