Are You Tired of Stepping Over Clothes and Toys

What if we told you that your kids could conceal all of their toys, books and clothes in simple view.  It's no secret to us moms or dads that kids toys and stuff are usually all over the place and no matter how many times we've asked them to pick them up, they seem to somehow always land right back on the floor.  Trust me we understand the struggle is real which why we wanted to bring to your attention the best stuff and sit storage bean bag available.


Introducing the Mimish Storage Bean Bag

I think we can all agree that there's no such thing as too much space when it comes to storage.  No matter how many drawers, cabinets and closets we may have to stuff items in, we still need more storage space.

We like Mimish for several reasons.  It is a multifunctional piece of furniture.  It's not just a bean bag for your kids to sit on while they are playing Fortnite on their Xbox.  It's also secretly a nice-looking storage bag.

Since it is an attractive looking storage bean bag, you can easily add it to a bonus room, a game room, a child's room and even in the living room.  Actually, when combined with other pieces of furniture, the storage bean bag adds a distinctive element of fun yet class to a room.

The Mimish Storage Bean Bag is Fun

More than just fun, these also serve as an additional seat for your child's guests, an element to imagine with, or even an extra bed in some situations. While you may not need a bed in the living room, an extra chair around the television can be useful. As these bags are mobile and you can easily enter and exit the storage spaces.

The Mimish Storage Bean Bag is Very Comfortable

They are also comfortable and create a comfortable dynamic to separate a room from a formal lounge space. In addition, they can be used to designate space for a certain activity.  For example, you could designate a storage bean bag for books, one for toys, one for clothes, for stuffed animals, blankets, and even one for overnight guest to store their belongings and so on and on.  With the variety of colors available you can even color code what goes where.

Each piece of furniture is usually chosen to take into account two main factors: its beauty and its comfort coefficient. Some of the pieces that manage to merge these two factors are armchairs, sofas, etc. but most of the pieces have one or another more prominent feature.  This bean bag offers both.

Mimish Storage Bean Bag became a great success among children and young people, and its popularity continues to grow rapidly. Even many adults liked it because of its beauty and its comfort.

Opened Mimish Storage Bean Bag

The bean bag is on top and storage at the bottom.

Simple Yet Brilliant Design for Decluttering

The concept is simple with the beans on top instead of on the bottom.  The bottom portion is used for the storage.  You can easily fill this thing up and then literally sit on.  We are also sold on how low maintenance it is.  Spot clean it as needed or toss it in the washing machine and tumble dry.

The bean bag is made of a very strong and resistant material.  It is made of soft but durable microsuede fabric or cotton duck fabric.  The storage bag and chair also comes with quality stitching.  It has 5650 cubic inches of space for storage.

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Go ahead and buy one for now and give it try.  We guarantee you will end up going back and buying more of them.

Still Not Sure?  Here's 5 Scenarios to Buy a Mimish Storage Bean Bag

You are a student 

You are a student who lives in a small dorm room and has a limited budget for furniture to work with. It is true that many students furnish their rooms with a collection of bean bag furniture and there are many reasons why which includes costs and space. With the Mimish Storage Bean Bag you get two for one.  You get to stuff and sit on these storage bean bags.  Don't worry, you won't have to worry about your stuff exploding out of the bag either.

You live in an apartment

You live in an apartment and you do not have much space for extra furniture.  This plush storage bean bag is excellent for you as it adds a functional space.  Not only do you get a very nice-looking chair but also you get to tuck away your throws and blankets or any clutter before you have visitors arriving.  These are not only excellent for portability but also suitable for easy storage. Because they are lightweight than regular pieces of furniture you can easily move them from one room to another or from one place of residence to another, even if you move frequently.

You have a baby nursery 

This is a good reason to have the Mimish Storage Bean Bag chair options in your home.  Take a seat on one while you are feeding the baby but then store diapers and wipes in the storage container.  It's an excellent kids bean bag storage as the inventor had kids in mind for this concept.  It's great for as stuffed animal storage bag.  They can be purchased to suit the color scheme and personalize the space of a nursery or child's playroom.

You need to organize your game room 

If you have a game room and in one part you have a video game console, a Mimish Storage Bean Bag chair will do wonders to make the area organized and easy to straighten. Here you can also allow guests to move and rearrange and have no guilt because the furniture can just go back to where it belongs. Here you can change the design of the room weekly if you want.

You need a storage bean bag that is easy to clean 

The Mimish Storage Bean Bag is made of materials that is easy to clean and eliminates any spillage. Easy to clean and easy to move when spilled underneath. You will enjoy making this a great addition to your home.

So, no matter where you live or what kind of person you are, you will want to have this gem in your home. Use it to organize your home and save space at the same time.  It will provide years of fun and entertainment while being functional. The Mimish Storage Bean Bag can accompany you everywhere and deliver you a piece to start every room in your home.

See them here on Amazon!

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