Oven Cleaning Tips-Guide On How To Get It Right

Cleaning the oven is the least favorite of chores but it is a must do if the appliance is to work at its optimal capacity, look brand new, and not contaminate the contents that go into it. The good thing with this particular chore it doesn't have to be a daily thing, but a periodic task.


A thorough scrubbing should be done during spring cleaning, but light oven cleaning and maintenance must be on a regular basis.

A dirty oven is never a thing to have in any kitchen. The right thing to do when you have one is to take adequate cleaning actions. The job can be easy if you know the methods and steps to take, and below is what you should do:

1.  Remove Shelves

If you have an oven model that have removable shelves, pull them out before you start scrubbing and cleaning. Most of the shelves are made for materials that you can soak in a basin containing warm water and mild dish washing detergent. You can give them a bit of scrubbing before rinsing and wiping them dry.  Better yet use this oven bag cleaner instead to clean your racks.

2.  Remove Food Residue

For this, you will need effective cleaning products that are not abrasive to loosen and scrape off food residues inside the oven. Use the recommended oven cleaner to clean the interior of the appliance. Only apply it to the sides, top, bottom, and the inside of the door panel. Use a soft bristled brush to evenly spread the oven cleaner and avoid the door seals and elements. Remember to read and follow the instruction on the product's label as well as those on the oven's user's manual.

3.  Leave The Solution To Work

Once you achieve an even spread of the oven cleaner in the interior of the appliance, close the door and leave the solution to do its work. Give it around half an hour or so to allow it to break up stains, dirty and grim to that you can easily wipe them off.

4.  Give A Bit Of Scrubbing

Scrub the entire area using a toothbrush because it has medium bristles. Do not scrub the fan and the elements and be keen to ensure you reach problem areas.

5.  Wipe

Use a damp washable cloth to wipe off the oven cleaning solution. Dip it in clean, warm water, rinsing it severally as you wipe the interior of the oven to achieve a spotless finish. You can add a bit of fresh lemon or lime juice into the water to help it give the interior a fresh smell.

Everyday Oven Maintenance

To make the work easier, you can do a few things on a daily basis to help minimize the build-up of oil and dirt in the appliance. First, try as much as you can to clean up any spills after they happen; give the oven time to cool down before cleaning up. Working on the spills while fresh makes it easier for you to clean and avoid stains.

Overlooking the spills and using the oven will have them heated again and again to the point where they create ground-in stains that may be tough to remove. Above all, try to adhere to a weekly oven cleaning and maintenance.

And besides taking these steps, you can use the following cleaning hacks to ensure you have a spotless oven that smells fresh.

•    Fight oil with oil:  Use a few drops of vegetable oil on a paper towel to wipe off greasy areas. The oil loosens the grim allowing you to wipe it all off using a clean, dry paper towel or a warm cotton cloth.

•    Keep it smelling fresh:  Some food smells are a delight to have lingering but not so much for others such as fish. When doing the final wipe down after cleaning, you can use drops of vanilla or citrus essence to get rid of the pungent odor.

•    Keep it shiny:  For this, you can use cream of tartar to polish the outer surfaces. It works best on ovens with a stainless steel exterior.