Philips Indoor Smokeless Grill Review

Do you like grilling but don’t have a yard?

Do you live in an apartment and are not able to have a barbecue for friends or family?

Well if you said yes to those questions, then carry on reading Philips Indoor Smokeless Grill Review!

We all like firing up the barbie on a hot summers day and inviting friends and family around for a party, eating burgers and hot dogs and a nice juicy grilled steak with the people you love.

But if you happen to live in an apartment with no outside area, then you cannot experience those moments in front of a barbie cooking up a storm while everybody is having a good time.

But now thanks to the indoor smokeless grill by Philips you may be able to experience the joy yourself!

Philips Indoor Smokeless Grill-Oprah List

Oprah’s Favorite Things 2018 – Philips Indoor Smokeless Grill made the list!

Why Philips Indoor Smokeless Grill

So, what is Philips Smokeless Indoor Grill?

Well, it’s a portable grill you can use in the kitchen without filling up the room with burning smoke.

Thanks to advanced infrared technology it can cook food without smoking the place out.

Up to 80 percent less smoke than a standard electric grill.

This indoor electric grill also has special reflectors that will guide heat to the grid for even cooking.

There are no temperature settings either as this indoor grill has a set temperature of 446F or 230 degrees in Celsius.

It heats up quickly and maintains that perfect temperature so that your food browns and cooks evenly.

Features of the Philips Indoor Smokeless Grill:

1) Around 80% less smoke than other electric grills

2) Advanced infrared technology

3) Preset Temperature 446F or 230C that ensures even browning and cooking

4) Reflectors that will guide heat for better cooking

5) Drip tray collects fat, but also stays cool so is easy to handle and produces no smoke

6) Can be cleaned in less than one minute. Parts can be removed and placed in your dishwasher for hands-off cleaning.

7) Keep warm function

This electric smokeless indoor grill has some great features as you can see.

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Philips Indoor Smokeless Grill Pros:

Easy cleaning

Easy to use

Heats up in only 6 minutes

Grills your food evenly

Because food is not covered in grease you will have nice lean meats which are healthier.

Has a 1-liter capacity so it holds a good amount of food.

Easy to set up, plug it in and turn it on.

Philips Indoor Smokeless Grill Cons:

This indoor grill is quite big at (19 x 55 x 43 cm) so if you have a small kitchen you may struggle with where to store it.

Some buyers have said the price is high.

Grid may not fit in the dishwasher.

Should You Buy the Philips Indoor Smokeless Grill?

If you live in an apartment or a property without outdoor facilities and you want to grill outside then this is the answer.

It is easy to use and set up is a big plus especially if you are using it in your kitchen.

The last thing you want indoors is some complicated smoky machine that could set off your fire alarms as soon as you cook a burger on it.

That is a good thing about this indoor smokeless grill.

The ease of use, turn it on and it gives the perfect temperature every time for any food.

If you love barbecues with friends and family but were not able due to space, then this grill is the answer.

This indoor grill is perfect for apartments or places that do not have outside place for a grill or barbecue.

You can now grill away and enjoy good company with this Philips electric smokeless grill.